18" 1 Hose Al Fakher All Glass Hookah w/ Hard Case


Al Fakher has made a unique 100% glass hookah! Standing at 18 inches tall this hookah pipe makes both a great decoration piece and a wonderful smoking hookah. The Al Fakher Glass Hookah comes with 2 of each accessory (except for the base and hose) - 2 glass bowls, 2 glass trays, and 2 glass bowl screens. The hookah hose measures 60 inches in length and is made of a plastic material that is completely washable. The bowl holds approximately 20-25 grams of shisha tobacco, and can be used with the glass screen provided or foil. (Be careful when handling the glass parts and hookah after the hookah has been in use for a while, it will get hot!). The Al Fakher Glass hookah also comes with a nicely padded hard carrying case. It comes complete with a combination lock and padded foam slots that snugly fit each individual component of the hookah, ensuring safe transport and storage.